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Just saw this group notice from Ellen.

Hello Pretties. Sharing this. Beebo says: “We’ve had a great un but it’s finally time to close the Duchess doors. A farewell party is being planned for the end of Aug, with a closing date on Sept. 1st. Stay tuned for party date and details. Thank you to all the wonderful people who made the Duchess such a special place for me” ~Beebo

The Duchess, in all its variations was home to me for a long time after I started hanging out in the so-called Lesbian-Circle. I found the place quite by accident and immediately made friends there, some of whom I am pleased to say, are still friends.

However, as I mentioned last October, the Duchess as a popular hangout seemed to have had its heyday gone past, even then. So although it is sad to see the going of what is, among a particular group of people, an iconic landmark; it is better for it to go out with a blaze than fade away and rot neglected as so much of SL does.

Everything is cyclical in SL. Who knows when and where the next Duchess will appear?