Second Life was always sold as just that: a second life, a place where one can live out fantasies and adventures which were not attainable to most people in everyday life. There are those who live to that mantra; they do not share anything about their real life and to them, the two parts of their existence are always shuttered.

There are those of us, most of us, who enjoy some overlap. Our second lives are not some big illicit secret to the people we know, and our real lives are not totally hidden from those we consider friends and family inside Second Life.

But what has been very front and center lately is the way Second Life has become some kind of ‘Facebook with Avatars’. Political agendas in this unsettled time are bubbling up and I’ve already seen some evidence of it cutting communities in half, breaking up groups and driving wedges between people.

At the end of the day this just emphasizes and reminds us all that behind every avatar, there is a living breathing human; whether they represent their real life self or a facsimile of themselves on the screen.