On my way to Alki, I happened to stop by the Lesbian Teahouse (aka The Lesbian Busstop, The Teahole, Teapit etc). As far as I know, every single prim laid there was done so around 2007, making it not only one of the most untouched regions in SL, but also one of the most dated. So imagine my shock and surprised to see that the adjacent “mall” had been removed and a sign erected indicating that there is going to be a “remoddling” (whatever one of those is).

Arriving at Alki (home of Z&A, the everpopular venue owned by Zoidyn and Alana) I decided to take a quick look around as I had never ventured much beyond the club itself. To my surprise there is a whole vista to be seen including a stunning view of mountains and valleys. Guinn joined me and it was a perfect photo opportunity!