“We are very sorry ma’am, there is nothing more we can do…”

I don’t know if it is just that my internet connection has gotten worse, my MacMini just doesn’t have the required oomph anymore or Linden Labs need to put the hamsters on amphetamines, but rezzing has gotten slower and slower to the point that I can be 20 minutes into a conversation with someone before their face arrives.

Second Life introduced the “complexity” tools, including choosing to render the heavy hitters as a gummi bear in a latex bodysuit; but that hasn’t really made a large impact in my overall graphics performance.

Mesh heads seem to be one of the worst offenders. Not only are they currently very boring (if there were more than 3-4 variations, it would not be so bad) but they seem to take forevvvvvveerrrrrr to rezz. Everything else for 200m around can be fully rezzed, textured and done and I’ll still see brains, eyeballs and disjointed faces hovering around the room. It’s like some really bad 1970s horror movie.

Well, hopefully in the time it’s taken me to write this article, everyone’s clothes, faces and legs will have arrived.