Avatar Complexity has become a dirty topic in Second Life lately. Everyone is now becoming obsessed with lowering their complexity (those that care) while everyone else is whining about a screen full of jelly babies.

Here’s where I stand on this stuff: I joined SL back in the early days because it was a chance to play in a 3D world with other people and have a semi-realistic experience above Yahoo Messenger or text-base MUSH games.

So now that we’re all spending heaps of money on lifelike avatars with amazing textures and realistic lighting, why are we forced to go back to watching a screen full of Teletubbies? The main argument seems to be that SL requires an ever-increasing amount of computer performance. That may be the case, and I am sure that Linden Lab’s server software and distribution system is not designed for the level of graphic complexity we demand from the grid these days. We know it isn’t.. We’re running 2016 avatars on 2007 server infrastructure.

The annoyance to most of us though is that we like the realism of good avatars. Some of us have invested a lot into getting there. Now that we’re all looking cool and sexy, we’re more than often forced to watch jelly babies or (worse?) bits of mesh people floating around like the aftermath of a bad road accident.

What is really getting annoying is the fact that some avatars simply never seem to rez. It seems to be mostly those with mesh-heads! I don’t know if that’s just coincidence but I waited 20 mins this morning for a bunch of people to rez and barely half of them did. Mesh heads (still sounds like a kind of drug addict) are…ironically…giving me a headache.