My friend Kate’s adventures last night….

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What an interesting day in Second Life! Among other adventures, I toured part of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators with my old friend Antaeus (we met nine years ago, he reminded me!), part of it in a horse-drawn carriage … and then Han Held showed me some builds in CDS, and then later in the evening I signed on and tried to use a tandem flying item I have with my friend Katt, but it went horribly wrong when we got stuck at a parcel border where my device couldn’t go, and for a while there we were being attacked by what felt like a rainbow of infinite lasers.

Well, we escaped to the bottom of the ocean, and from there decided to go on a much safer and more relaxing sailing trip, in Katt’s boat, the Seekat. It was quite a sail! Along the way we saw private islands…

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