So many of my Second Life friends are sailors. Some mess about on boats mooring in sleepy harbors dreaming of tropical retreats, while sipping cool drinks and comparing sexy bikinis while others buy fast yachts, tweak settings and compete in round-the-map cruises and races. Me? I fit somewhere in between those stereotypes: I like noodling about on my Oceanic yacht with friends, exploring parts of the Second Life map I have never seen before and sometimes just seeing how far I can sail before the Linden Gods come crashing down on me and kick me out.

So when I was forced to use a low-powered computer back in May, essentially one without anything but basic graphics, I had to mothball my Oceanic and turn my back on the ocean. You cannot sail in Second Life if you cannot see more than a few meters in front of your avatar and if your refresh-rate is less than three frames per second, any kind of racing or cruising is not going to happen.

But thankfully thanks to my new computer, sailing is once again possible (or as possible as Linden Lab makes it). I took my Oceanic out recently for a spin with my good friend Ren Carpaccio. We had a couple of crashes on region boundaries but that has become the Linden Lab normality rather than anything my hardware is to blame for. We set sail from TYC and was heading north towards my home. We didn’t have time to complete the whole voyage but it was nice knowing not only can I sail again but I can do so with some pretty scenery alongside.