I read an old article today @motherboard  which talked about the demise and closure of Sony’s “Home” (its Playstation platform that was a cross between Second Life and Facebook). Apparently on March 31st 2015, the entire Home universe went offline and then “It came a few minutes late, but the end arrived. No big explosion, no fade to black, no voice of god. A network error screen, M-10 [D3505].”

Got me thinking how immensely sad that last moment must have been; quite literally like watching the End of the Universe (as Douglas Adams described it). It is entirely possible Second Life could end like that. There are days I log in and wonder if it has a future: it never seems to fix major bugs or resolve its core issues and it never seems to be as populated as it once was (though I think that has more to do with the expanse of available places to go).

Then I think about all the people I call friends in Second Life, the familiarity I have with many of its locations and the feeling I get when I’m at my virtual home and the thought that one day it could all be gone, like tears…in…rain….makes me a little teary-eyed.