Bored at work so I start trawling through names of people on groups who had not logged in for a long time and found some typically awesome Second Life names of people probably long gone.

So I present to you, in no apparently order: Nameless Twang, Missy Oxygen, Chasing Lowtide, Nasheema Gaagaagishiinh (wow!), Suspicious Blackheart, Tasty Bluebird, Reda Book (ouch!), Sexy Werefox, Puppy Sausages (ummm), Perky Pumpkin, Forwards Sideways, Toasterbat Loon (awesome) and finally French Poodle (aww).

Now that everyone is _____ Resident, and we have display names, the art of finding the perfect first name/last night pairing has gone, but at least some people still make an effort. And on that note I suppose I should go back to work….