Shoes in the News


I must be one of the only SL bloggers who doesn’t actually blog about shopping. It’s not that I don’t like shopping, I mean, hello!? But I am not driven enough to sit here every day and spew out product news, fashion tips and makeup tutorials. Mostly because I am rubbish at it.

But Guinn did direct me this week to a shoe store called Livalle who had some giveaways and cheapies and wow, I’ve worn nothing else since!

Screenshot 2017-05-13 11.35.22

CHYNA boots from Livalle – and you have to admire any creator who puts their stuff in a box that looks as realistic as this and actually has the product as the packing! And they were purple so of course I had to have them!

Screenshot 2017-05-13 11.36.44

This is what Guinn directed me to: all these in one box for a $L50 Friday. How is that not deal of the year so far? Who can not like that many shoes for so little money?

So it’s also been another — shall we say — interesting week in the Teahouse. I wandered in a few days ago to find someone sitting there cuddling a cello. You know, like you do. Although the thought processes behind why someone would want to play a cello in the Lesbian Teahouse escape me. Maybe she thought showing some leg, some wood and some bow action would get her a hot date? The world may never know.

Screenshot 2017-05-15 08.19.42

Did you know there was a cat in the roof at the Teahouse? So many people come in and say “I can hear a cat! Where’s the cat?” and of course I never hear a cat but apparently it’s quite vocal. But I did know there was a cat up there, it’s been up there forever. So it was surprising to see these two. Sitting in the roof rafters with catnip in their mouths doing questionable things to the resident cat. I’ll just leave this one here….

Screenshot 2017-05-16 21.54.54

Singer finds her sound after going deaf


Mandy Harvey always knew she wanted to be a musician, but after losing her hearing at 18, she questioned her direction in life.

Now, a decade later, she has three albums under her belt, and tours with a band. How does she do it? The BBC went to find out. Click here.

Mandy Harvey is an award winning singer, songwriter and motivational speaker who just happens to have an invisible disability. A Vocal Music Education major at Colorado State University, Mandy lost her residual hearing in 2006-2007 at age eighteen due to a connective tissue disorder that effected her nerves and left the program. She pursued several career options, including education, but returned to music in 2008, her true passion could no longer be denied. She quickly became a regular performer at various venues and has released three albums thus far. Though her hearing loss is profound, her timing and pitch are perfect and her passion is tremendous. With support from friends, family and her faith, Mandy continues to find joy in music.

In 2011, Mandy won VSA’s Top Young Soloist Award and lived a personal dream of performing at the Kennedy Center in DC. She continues to perform around the United States and has been recently featured on NBC Nights News, Canada AM, The Steve Harvey Show, and the Los Angeles Times. In addition to performing and speaking, Mandy has become an ambassador to both No Barriers USA andInvisible Disabilities Association with a mission to encourage, inspire and assist others to break through their personal barriers.

I don’t usually post about things from the “real world”, outside of Second Life (…there’s an outside to SL?) but this story struck a chord with me, if you’ll excuse the pun, and so I thought I’d share. 

Saturday Night Fever


Lately been hanging out at Bella & Kathy’s new(ish) club, B&K Burlesque Club. Place is rocking tonight with Selena spinning tunes and the girls all looking hawt on the dance floor. I was rocking the prrrrple look and busting some moves while Guinn, Aisling, Kathy and Ella (Ella Ella Umbrella…) got down to the beats. Hot in red Rhy Amata and others joined us in and out (not pictured).

Les Poseurs


Screenshot 2017-04-10 09.00.08I am really not sure what was going on yesterday but I think there was either a glitch on my end or their end as I kept encountering avatars which appeared to be learning how to fly. Either that or they were recounting evermore exaggerated fishing-stories about the “one that got away” – either way, it made for quite an amusing scene.

Mini Voyage: Greenhouse


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For the longest time, I have visited a venue in Second Life called Greenhouse. If you know SL and you’ve been in-world a fair amount of time you probably know it. It has been there since SL started I dare say, and I don’t think it’s ever been updated or changed.

Screenshot 2017-03-18 22.50.20Basically it is just that: a giant greenhouse, botanical-garden style with adjoining gardens and meadows of flowers. It’s all very nice and sits on the edge of the Blake Sea where it’s accessible to those of us who sail and have direct water access. I have spent many hours sitting on the dock there talking with friends and it’s nice to sail to it, moor in the channel and walk around in the sunshine and flowers.

Screenshot 2017-03-18 22.51.35

So tonight it was nice to sail from Snug Harbor, Katie’s home and make the short trip across half a dozen regions to explore it.


When Sea and Sky Collide



Second Life was always sold as just that: a second life, a place where one can live out fantasies and adventures which were not attainable to most people in everyday life. There are those who live to that mantra; they do not share anything about their real life and to them, the two parts of their existence are always shuttered.

There are those of us, most of us, who enjoy some overlap. Our second lives are not some big illicit secret to the people we know, and our real lives are not totally hidden from those we consider friends and family inside Second Life.

But what has been very front and center lately is the way Second Life has become some kind of ‘Facebook with Avatars’. Political agendas in this unsettled time are bubbling up and I’ve already seen some evidence of it cutting communities in half, breaking up groups and driving wedges between people.

At the end of the day this just emphasizes and reminds us all that behind every avatar, there is a living breathing human; whether they represent their real life self or a facsimile of themselves on the screen.



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I’m going to just write this in one stream of consciousness so I make no apologies for the rambling nature of this post. I’m wordy, I know. Get over it 🙂

So here we are into another year of Second Life. This year will see my 10th anniversary in Second Life (assuming I actually survive until June). When I signed up for my account, if someone had told me I would still regularly be logging into SL in ten years’ time, I would have thought them insane.

In all of my ‘almost ten years’, I have rarely been away for very long. A week or two at most when I was away from internet camping or some such. I’ve never really taken a so-called SLacation (time out from Second Life) because like everyone else, I find it hard to be away for any length of time.

Second Life has, over the years, been my social life. I’m on a level playing field here. In ‘real life’ (funny how we all make the online/offline distinction as if it really matters. Personally it’s all just ‘life’ to me but some people are not as comfy as I am without a line drawn somewhere down the middle) my social skills are a little strained at best. I am hearing impaired if you didn’t know, which means that hanging out with people in groups, at bars or parties, can be hard work for me. I lipread and I don’t do well catching the spoken word. I get left out; I miss jokes or gossip and people just think I’m being cold or stand-offish.

In Second Life, we all talk with typed words (well, most of the people I know do). Means that I am able to communicate and be sharp-witted with everyone else in the room. That is a big thing for me.

The thing about Second Life is that every few months, it is like a new chapter in a book. I go to different venues, I hang with different people, I try different things. But lately I think I have been trying too hard to stay popular and it’s causing me to over-extend my friendships with people. I am sure most of my friends would say I am being over-analytical and I should get over myself; but I am my own worst critic: only-child-syndrome I call it. It’s a conflict between liking one’s own company and craving the attention of others. It’s a battle I will never win; I just have to learn not to piss people off in the process.

So here we are in 2017. Another new year, more changes and technology coming along in SL and no doubt many changes in faces (…actually literally this time around), venues, friendships and relationships. I know I will piss people off. I will hurt people. I will cause people to think less of me. I don’t do it maliciously or deliberately and often it happens because I care too much about people’s feelings. I’m a ride in an open top car without seat belts: you might end up getting hurt but the journey will be a lot of fun.